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Q) Where are the products manufactured?

A) All our products are manufactured in USA


Q) In which order do you apply skincare?

A) As a rule of thumb, you go from thin to thick. See chart below for guidance. 



Q) Where can I find the ingredient list and directions for using each product?

A) These are on every product label. You can also find them when you scroll half way down the product page to the list of ingredients and directions on how to use each product.


Q) Are there any testimonials from customers?

A) The product reviews are at the bottom of each product page. You can also watch some YouTube video reviews by searching for 'Ella Freda' on YouTube.


 Q) Can I make money by referring people to your website?

A) You can join our Affiliate program on our website. Register your details and you would be provided with an affiliate link. You can get between 5 - 10% commission for each order made using your referral link.


Q) Why do you use airless pump containers?

A) They are able to preserve the strength and effectiveness of the product. The spray pump ensures a pea size release of its content, reducing waste.


Q) How can we have our say?

A) Please take a few minutes to leave a written review for products you have used. This would help other customers with their buying decision and also provide us with feedback.