Customers' Q & A

Hyaluronic acid serum

Q What percentage of Hyaluronic acid is in this product? Thank you.

A 2% Hyaluronic acid. Any higher would lead to dryness.


Q Would I use this before my Vitamin C serum?

A It is recommended that you apply Vitamin C serum before hyaluronic acid to lock in the moisture.

Vitamin C Serum

Q What is the active ingredient in the vitamin c like Ascorbic Acid or is it just derivatives?

A It contains Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate, which is a derivative. It reduces the chances of getting easily oxidized.

Q What is the percentage of vitamin C in your serum?

A It contains 10% Vitamin C. 10 - 20% is recommended. Above 20% could cause irritation and would not be any more effective.

Firming cream

Q Is there fragrance in any of your products? Especially the firming one and also the honey cleanser. I read the ingredients and it doesn't say fragrance so I'm assuming they are safe for sensitive skin.

A The firming cream has no added fragrance. However the cleanse does have added fragrance.

Q Can this lift cream be used all over the face instead of moisturizer to help with many deep wrinkles.

A It is recommended you use a moisturizer along with it. It can be used all over your face.

Retinol Moisturizer

Q Will this product make me more prone to burn when out in the sun?

A It is a moisturizer for night time use


Facial Moisturizer

Q Loving your products so far but have noticed that you do not have an SPf Product. Do you have something that you could recommend as an spa that would work well with your products?

A It is a day time moisturizer.


Facial Cleanser

Q Do you apply to dry or damp face? And, how many pumps of the moisturizer do I use, so as not to waste it? Thank you!

A Apply cleanser to damp face. Remove with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel.